Keep your items and documents safe and secured

This is a world of digital advancement where we have all the convenience and options to do whatever we want with just a click. Mostly, people use smartphones and other gadgets in their daily life and it has literally become an integral part of life. Now, when we consider the advancement in which these gadgets work, it never ceases to amaze us. People also normally store all of their important documents on their phones so that they can access them anytime they want. But the real question is, how safe is mobile phones when it comes to keeping important documents secured? Here, we can surely rely on the Filedexfireproof safe file cabinet which is well-known to keep all the files, documents, items safe and secured in any kind of situation.

What is it about?

The FileDex first started their business in 1995 and since then they have been involved in various advanced and safe cabinets where we can keep all our belongings safely. They have products from some of the popular brands in Singapore and never failed to impress the people with their reliable, strong, and fireproof safe file cabinet.

These cabinets can be and are essentially well-suited for offices where you might have large files that are extremely confidential. On the professional front, it is more important to keep certain files safe, protected, organized, and away from the accident. These fire-resistant cabinets come with a lock that has full maximum security that is made of durable materials that will not get into flames.

What are the features?

  • The most popular Eagle Fire-Resistant filing cabinet offers a smooth and quiet suspension filing system.
  • It helps in keeping important documents safe and protected from any kind of accident or fire.
  • It offers up to 90 minutes of fire protection and is also certified by SP NT-Fire 017 90P at 925°C.
  • Each of the drawers is insulated independently which helps to stop the fire from spreading to other drawers.
  • These drawers are also capable of carrying close to 100kg.